Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Second Verse NOT the Same as the First!!

Oh my Dog, Mama!!! Not again!

So, yesterday morning found me once again back at our friend's still engine-less boat for attempt number two at getting that stinker (the boat, that is) across the bay to a boat yard in order to get a new engine dropped on board. Keep in mind that the new engine would in no way be connected to the boat (in other words, no help to us) but would simply be along for a majestic ride back to our marina.

It was decided that this time we'd leave much earlier than we did during the last fiasco as it seems the wind is much calmer during the early morning hours. That was the idea anyway. In the absence of a rabbit's foot, I crossed my fingers, made the sign of the cross (I'm not religious so I may have done it backwards), rubbed the scalp of a red head (Wilbur), and arrived on time equipped with my life jacket, coffee, and trusty boat hook. I then noted with dismay that the wind was blowing quite briskly and thought (actually hoped) that surely this trip would be cancelled.

It wasn't. And I tried to take solace in the fact that the crew didn't seem one bit worried.

This time in addition to the same crew as before, we had another live-aboard assisting us with his dinghy, and before I could change my mind we'd cast aside our lines and eased out of the slip. Once we were clear of the pilings and with the wind pushing our bow right back into them, our helper was there with his dinghy. It was like watching a dolphin nudge us along as he bumped into us keeping us on track until we were out of the marina and into the bay.

From then on it was smooth sailing (without sails) as we chugged along with the whaler lashed onto the port side. We slid into the boat yard's marina slick as snot, loaded the new engine via chains and a forklift, shouted bon voyage, and we were on our way once again.
I didn't even have time to worry about how we were going to get back into our slip again, when just like that, we were there.

Wow, no drama! So, how the hell am I supposed to get an interesting post out of that?

I decided to celebrate returning home in one piece with a Wendy's Frosty, and Wilbur (my lucky red head) was only too happy to help.



  1. Glad there was no drama to tell. Love those Frosty's! =)

  2. I'm so used to drama every time I hit the water, I was stunned that it didn't end up that way this time. And Frosties are always good no matter what!

  3. Really missin my Wilbur fix !! Oh ya, hope you're doing good too.

    1. I'm a lazy blogger! And it's not like nothing happens here, there's always something going on.