Saturday, December 22, 2012

You mean it's almost Christmas?

And just like every other year in my life I left my Christmas shopping until the last minute. 
In past years I blamed the fact that I had two jobs and no time.  
Now that I don't have a job I blame the fact that living in Florida, where I don't shovel snow everyday and I'm still wearing shorts and flip-flops, has skewed my sense of seasons. I should be embarrassed (but I'm not) to admit that I thought Christmas was next week.
Actually, I have no excuse beyond the fact that I'm simply lazy.

So anyway, UPS delivered a package to our boat a few days ago, and since it had both our names on it I decided it must be a Christmas present and therefore waited for Hans to come home before opening it (a damn hard thing for me to do).
And it was indeed a Christmas present from my Baby Girl.  She sent us a two inch thick Queen size Memory Foam Mattress Pad. 
I swear, that girl will do anything to ensure being remembered in our will (and I fear she'll be severely disappointed). 

Someone loves our new Memory Foam Pad.  I'll give you two guesses. 

Wrapping paper, wrapped presents, and presents awaiting to be wrapped.
Isn't this what Nav Stations were designed for?
My HUGE wrapping area. Please don't envy me.
A few humble gifts for Hans and Wilbur.
Last year I waited until we had landed and were in our hotel room before I even started wrapping presents.
I swore I wouldn't do that this year, so today I got all my wrapping done and only then did I stop to ponder whether I was going to be able to take wrapped gifts in my carry-on luggage and risk a brouhaha at airport security.
It's too late now and all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

I ended up having to make another run to the Dollar Tree for more wrapping paper and scotch tape, and finally I was done!! All that remained was one small square of paper and don't think I wasn't a little bit insulted when Hans informed me that it was more than enough for his gift for me.
I smell trouble.

It's now the night before the night before Christmas Eve and we are watching Mr. MaGoo's Christmas Carol.  I had completely forgotten about this old cartoon and I'm shocked at how many memories have flooded back to me from my childhood.  My sister and I were huge fans of anything that smacked of Christmas animation and I'm having a good time.
I just saw an ad for 'It's a Wonderful Life' and it's going to be aired at 8 PM on Christmas Eve. I've already warned Hans that we (or at least I) will be watching it as it is my all time favorite movie.

Tomorrow night we'll be watching The Grinch who Stole Christmas thanks to a DVD my son gave me a few years ago.

It just doesn't get much better than this.

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