Sunday, February 5, 2012

Up the mast I go.

Yes, that's me.

Up the mast of our Knotty Cat.

And it was actually quite interesting. I would have said it was quite illuminating but since I was up there to try and figure out why our steaming light doesn't work... well you can see why it wasn't illuminating!

Sometimes I crack myself up.

I was checking out our spreader lights here. They are held together with electrical tape and work just fine. I think we'll leave them alone for now.

We never did know where the heck our steaming light was since it's so hard to see this kind of thing from the deck. Even after I got up there I couldn't find it. Then I told Hans to turn on all the lights I realized that the foredeck light had a plastic cylinder attached to the top of it. I was able to unscrew it and behold! there was a dead bulb sitting there. The location of our steaming light was no longer a mystery.

Here I am, saying Hi to Hans.

And don't worry, I made sure I didn't piss him off before I let him hoist me up.

An artistic shot.

Wilbur was quite concerned when he heard his mama was going 'way up there'.

"I can't watch!" he cried, but before he squeezed his eyes shut he made sure I told Hans where I hide his tasty pitty treats.

Just in case my trip down didn't go as smoothly as my trip up.



  1. Wow, you are quite the adventurous one, aren't you? Oh wait, I can hear you now...."someone's gotta do it!" :o) And how great that you now know the location of that mysterious light! I LOVE that photo of Wilbur. He is just about the cutest thing ever! I can't wait to meet him!!!!

    I'll call ya soon!



    1. Honestly, we've owned this boat for how many years? And still didn't know where that stupid light was? Good to hear from you and please do call! I've had a change of plans and will be around all week.

  2. Look at you up there! I haven't gone up the mast yet, and I have to admit I'm in no hurry. =)

    1. Cheryl, the last time we tried this I got no higher than the boom and I made Hans bring me back down. I mean really, I was no more than a few feet off the deck! We were using our electric winch at the time and I felt totally out of control. This time I made Hans heft me 'manually' and it worked out better. Actually, I just got a kick out of watching poor old Hans work up a sweat. I weigh a bit more than a hundred pounds these days!