Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doggy Day Care and a Sewing Project Hold Up.

When we deliver our Knotty Cat to Florida next month we plan on leaving Wilbur behind.

For anyone who reads this blog and knows how much we love our dog, I'm sure this is a bit of a shock. However, we're going to fly right back home and I refuse to stick my baby into the belly of a plane. Hans thinks I'm nuts and stated that Wilbur would be just fine, and then actually dared to roll his eyes when I said Wilbur was far too sensitive to survive such a trip.

However he changed his mind when I told him that the crate we'd need to buy, along with the cost of Wilbur's flight, would be right around the same amount as boarding him at Doggy Day Care.

So off we went to Doggy Day Care to see if our boy 'plays well with others', and would therefore be accepted as a boarder.

Wilbur passed, and believe me that experience will have its own post.

As for my stalled project. The crib I was sewing for The Bumfuzzles has hit the skids. In the middle of the sewing of this crib I called our local West Marine to ask them if they had six packages of 12 sets of brass grommets I would need to complete this job.

They didn't. And they said it might take them as long as two weeks to get them. So the Bumfuzzles found a site that said not only did they have them, they'd send them to me right away.

The package arrived on Friday and contained a grand total of six grommets!!! Not six packages of twelve, but six grommets!!!

I kid you not.

So until the grommets arrive there's not much I can do but I feel so bad because I know the Bumfuzzles would have liked to have their crib 'yesterday'!! Not next week.

C'mon. Do you really think this little boy wouldn't be able to get along with others??


  1. Glad Wilbur was accepted, and we're sure he'll have a great time "playing with others". He is so cute and lovable! The grommet situation seems typical nowadays I hate to say. Nothing's ever easy anymore! Anyway, I'm sure it will be worth the wait, and looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. I'm looking forward to a finished product myself!!!